Beautiful / 美しい

(elegant, sophisticated, streamlined, slim, bold, colorful, moderate, vivid, matured, timeless<->fashionable), appearance

Functional / 機能的


(new, different, efficient, handy, versatile, clear-cut, integrated, sustainable, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge), performance

Introduction / はじめに

Can you tell the meaning of "Style"?

We use this word, "Style" very often, but how many of us can instantly tell its meaning?

Concept of Concept / 存在意義の追求

Everything, what we have, use or feel, has a concept, a reason why it exists.
Designs that we have, use or feel has a concept, a reason why it is produced.

Concept of Style / 外見と言葉と行動

Style of people, the expression of our characters, include not only preference of outfit or diet but also language and attitude.

Concept of Style is the reason why we