Introduction / はじめに

Can you tell the meaning of "Style"?

We use this word, "Style" very often, but how many of us can instantly tell its meaning?

In business situations and daily life, people are fond of using ambiguous words, which used to be and still are often used in the design industry.

For instance, whichever language we speak, some of these English words such as Design, Concept, Fashion, Communication and so on are already incorporated in the vocaburaries of our spoken language and written documants.

Due to the variety and abuse of those words, their meanings are diluted and getting more elusive and subjective.

Some people may fell such abuse of words regrettable, however from another standpoint, I would say they are not just words but something living.

When we talk about the meanings of those abused words, we project our value, cultural background and life experience onto our explanation about definition or usage/function of them.

It is naturally matter of subjective judgment and could be just a exposure of our ego.