Concept of Concept / 存在意義の追求

Everything, what we have, use or feel, has a concept, a reason why it exists.
Designs that we have, use or feel has a concept, a reason why it is produced.

It seems reasonable to define a concept of a design by a point or area on a plane passing through two axes.
One is from theory to technology, and another is from philosophy to art.

However, just two axes are not enough to shape the concept of the design.

Technology is driven by the curiosity about understanding natural laws and making use of power of science.
It tends to go out of control, like it led to the development of nuclear bomb.

Art is motivated by the passion for expressing human ego and sharing value with others.
It tends to bring intolerance, like it led to the spread of cultural conflict.

Such destructive outcomes should not be the purpose of the design process.

What makes different the design from technology and art is, the design has one sole and ultimate goal.
It is, with a rational mind, to synthesize technology and art in a manner that can contribute to people's life and the society.

Consequently, to describe concepts of the design, at least one more axis should be added to the technology-art plane.
That axis is from emotion to communication.

[Concept of Concept] is a collection of words that transfer the state of the design concept from vapor(ambiguous) to liquid(unfocused), liquid to solid(persuasive).

Functional / 機能的
Beautiful / 美しい